Weather Station Interface for IROX USB

Make your weather station visible on the internet !

Step 1
Download and install the latest available Raspbian image from here:

Install FTP server on it, see details above.

Step 2
Download the "Weather Display for Linux console version for raspbery pi"
from here

Step 3
Create a folder for eg "WX" under user pi

mkdir /home/pi/WX

FTP the content of the consolewdfiles into the Raspberry PI "WX" folder.

Give the fils right

cd /home/pi/WX
chmod 755 *

edit the config.txt file with nano and set the following:

Weather station type=59 // this is telling the consol that we are using a IROX Weather Station

if you create an account on then insert your account data in the config.txt

Wunderground username=xxxxx
Wunderground password=xxxxx
Wunderground timezone=x // e.g 12 for 12 hours ahead of GMT, -12 for - 12 hours

If you want to use the IROX Weather Station on APRS, then you can register for a CWOP account at

and enter the details in your config.txt

Do CWOP updates=Y //every 10 minutes
CWOP station id=EWxxxx
CWOP ham call sign=-1
CWOP Latitude=xxxxxxx
CWOP Longitude=xxxxxxx

Step 4
you can start the consol by ./ and it you should see the "Read" messages as the Raspberry Pi communicates with the IROX.

If you want to make the weather consol all the time running, you can create a script for that.

cd /home/pi

and past the following into it...:


createGoWdconsole() {
cd /home/pi/WX
./ &
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo Weather Display has been created successfully
echo An error occurred creating a Weather Display to jumpbox. RC was $?
/bin/pidof consolewd
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

echo "Reconnected at $actualdate" >>/home/pi/WX/WDconsol_stopping.log

and save and close and make it run able.

and add the following line into your crowntab:

crontab -e

*/1 * * * * /bin/bash ~/ >> /dev/null 2>&1
sudo reboot

The result will be a continuously running Weather consol on your Raspy.