SAT Hobby

How-to on multi TV satellite reception using a single antenna.
American made WaveFrontier Toroidal Multifeed Satellite Antenna and calculator using Google Maps.

Wavefrontier calculator

WaveFrontier Toroidal Multifeed Satellite Antenna Calculator with Google Maps

Latitude: Longitude: Altitude:
  Use this map to easily set up your location by clicking on the map.
  Use the mouse to drag the map, use the mouse wheel to zoom the map in and out.
  Alternatively, use the controls in the top left corner of the map to zoom and scroll.
  The red marker shows your currently selected location.
  Activate streetview by dragging the "orange" man to the marker or any other position ('blue' area's only).
  Leave streetview by clicing on the 'X' in the right-upper-corner.

The above picture shows the reception of Channel 5 USA from satellite Astra 2F in Switzerland with the WaveFrontier antenna

I highly recommend the Satlink WS-6906 measurement tool for Sat Hobbyists, a very sensitive, easy to use, good quality handheld device