Health impact of RF radiated power

If you are a RF engineer, no need too much explanation, but for general public it can be useful to know:
- A Hungarian-Canadian Professor (Magda Havas) of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University was here in Switzerland a few years ago and studied this matter.
- Here in Switzerland we have to use low RF power settings on the mobile network compared to any other countries

We have so called macro network antennas mostly on rooftop or on the top of outdoor cell towers and the people 80% of the time sitting inside their work/home places.

The RF radiation is the highest when you hold the mobile at your head while it is connected to the macro network cell tower from the office/home.
Imagine how the RF amplifier needs to work its way to get through the iron structures and concrete walls - kind of Faraday Cage /shielded) environment. The mobile must boost its RF transmitter output to reach the tower.

What can we do to avoid high RF power?
The mobile operators must install the receiver antennas right inside the buildings, so the mobile will be using extremely low RF power to reach the low power base station antenna which will be only a few meters away. More and more low power, small coverage cells will have to be deployed.
This will be beneficial for the operator too, as data rate will be increased thanks to the short distance and usually line of sight but using low RF power.
In the USA, operators are rolling out 75'000 small cell sites now.

WIFI at home

Basically no one is telling the users/internet service subscribers or laptop users that the default settings are MAXIMUM RF TRANSMIT POWER on the home wifi routers and also on laptop wifi.
This max RF power is absolutely not necessary in a normal size flat/home environment.
If you lower the RF power on the home wifi router as well as the on the laptop, you will possible see the same receiving signal strength afterwards too. Which means no point to use max RF power when you can have the same signal quality running on 25% of the max RF power for example.

Please see the screenshot for the home wifi router and the laptop settings.


Samstag, 17. Mai 2014
Measure to improve the quality

If you have troubles (interference) with low power, you can
change the channel manually or...
change the band if you have a modern 2-band router
e.g. the upper 5 GHz-band is totally empty (left picture) while the lower band is crowded (right picture)